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Please don't dance with me, I fall in love so easily
You think you're sweet to sweep me off my two left feet

But when you're holding me, you've got your opportunity
You're holding me, you'll find it easy to be
My number 1, 2, 3; easy opportunity
Be my number 1, 2, 3 it's love

So please don't dance with me
I fall in love easy

Don't talk to me, I get a crush so easily
Oh it may seem like just a little thing
But when you look at me, I can't see no apology
You look at me, quick quicker than 1, 2, 3
Brown eyes, sunrise, I could spend eternity
I could spend eternity in love

So please don't dance with me
I fall in love easy

You may think I'm made of stronger stuff
And I am, but a brush of your hand is
Enough to fill my head with
Things that'll make you wanna plead the fifth

You may think I've played this game before
And I have, but I ain't seen plays like yours
Your are offa the cuff,
When I call the shots you call my bluff

So please don't dance with me
I fall in love easy


from Go Ahead and Try, track released May 30, 2013
Recorded and Mixed by Adam Paulus
Mastered by Tom Garneau
Written by The Running Riot




The Running Riot Minneapolis, Minnesota

Amanda Zimmerman - Piano, Vocals
Kirstin McDuffie - Viola, Vocals, Percussion
Christine Mennicke - Ukulele, Drums, Vocals
Jessica Cheadle - Cello, Percussion

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